The unlocking of data  potential through CMR will create significant value. That is why we focus on driving the CMR road.


We asked some people engaged in a CMR process what their estimation is on the value creation potential.

Frank Cooler, Founder of the Intrasurance Group:

“an enterprising, customer-driven organisation that develops innovative solutions in the field of online insurance, and one of the world’s 20 fastest growing insurance technology providers (CIO review) estimates the value potential at 80% of all costs currently incurred in the insurance process.”

Jan Machiel Dalebout, Manager Informatiemanagement VVAA:

“25% of our CRM data becomes obsolete per year and we intend to realize this cost saving with the introduction of Dappre. Moreover, we will save the costs of the production and distribution of our physical member passes. This is our first step to be followed by better member intelligence.”

Accenture personal data survey 2014

What are the key benefits your company realises from the use of personal data?


Ability to deliver better customer/personalised experiences:


Enhanced customer loyalty:


Ability to uncover opportunities in new markets:


Advertising that is more targeted to individuals' interests


Ability to offer commercially viable discounts and sale schemes


Increased profitable revenue


The benefits of CMR

Increased Revenue:

Propositions based on actual preferences as indicated by the customer: higher conversion rates.

Higher customer engagement because you will be able to get personal on basis of shared data. 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better (personalised) service.

The value of a digital address of a digital consumer that is equal to a physical address and a natural person because it is validated by that person increases tremendously.

Reduced Costs:

25% of data in CRM-systems becomes obsolete per year since the data of customers change and organisations are not connected with the customer.

Less Rework

The CMR approach makes you GDPR compliant by design. It will save you a lot of compliance costs.