Quick CMR Start

CMR inspiration talk

To inspire your management with the thoughts behind the CMR vision and underlying developments and trends.

CMR workshop

One or more interactive sessions with (parts of) your management team(s) to discuss the impact of the CMR vision for your business.

One example is the workshop “Client data as a theme in your strategy”. CMR-workshop-strategie-en-klant-data-62017

GDPR marketing seminars

Take a look at our upcoming seminars

CMR GDPR Masterclass for Managers

The impact of the new European privacy law GDPR will be extensive as to your client contact strategy as well as to compliance. Do you want to be provided with a quick update of the law and its threats and opportunities, the masterclass may be a suitable solution for you. Afterwards, you will have a better insight of the management and organisational challenges of GDPR and which questions should be posed to which specialists.

For more information on the Masterclass: CMR Masterclass AVG Bestuurders

CMR GDPR Quick (compliance) scan

Scan to which extent your organisation is GDPR,the new European privacy law, compliant and which following steps are to be defined, also from a non legal perspective.

More information on the CMR GDPR Quick Scan: CMR GDPR Quick Scan 62017

CMR Personal Data scan

Together with Indica we have developped the CMR Personal Data scan. With the Personal Data scan you will obtain an indexed overview of all of your clients personal data, stored in your structured data and unstructured data environments.

More information on the CMR Personal Data scan: CMR Personal data Scan 62017

We also have a FAQ: FAQ-CMR-personal-data-scan-72017

CMR GDPR-AVG Business Case scan

Given the action to be taken pursuant to the GDPR or AVG, which opportunities arise with this action and which low-hanging fruit can be harvested.

More information on the CMR Business Case scan: CMR GDPR-AVG Business Case Scan 62017


CMR AVG/GDPR Assessment

Extremely flexible tool to measure the progress of your organisation as to the status of implementation of AVG/GDPR.

More information on the CMR AVG/GDPR Assessment:  CMR AVGGDPR Assessment 72017