CMR Vision

Research has consistently shown a powerful link between customer engagement and key business outcomes. An investment in customer engagement is generally a sound investment in the future.

Customer engagement continues to evolve, and more change is inevitable. Trust is vital in making a real connection with your customers. Push is sending and exploitation, pull is listening and collaboration. The latter builds trust.


Building stones of customer engagement

By listening and collaborating you will create trust. With the trust you have earned you will be able to create a real connection and get personal.


Trust is the basis for any balanced relationship.

Real Connection

Real connection will arise through a balanced relationship.


By listening to your customer, you will create trust.


With a good collaboration with your customer, you will create trust


In order to personalize communication, you will have to become personal first.

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Building stones of the CMR road to increased Customer Engagement

The building stones are Data, Mobile, Customer Centricity and the Culture as supported by the senior management to drive the CMR road.


Data are imperative to get personal with your customers.


Mobile share of contact is dominant and still increasing.

Customer Centricity

The customer is king and if he feels that he is treated as such, he will be generous.


Culture eats CMR strategy for breakfast. It needs full attention.

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