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Personalisation is marketing trend number one. In order to become personal, organisations need access to personal data of their clients.

Technology and data developments, as well as legislation as to personal data require a new approach that redefines the relation with your client:

Customer Managed Relations

Your client in control of their personal data will unlock an unprecedented value for organisations and their clients. The CMR Agency helps you with the question how.

Data Connection

Accurate Customer data is crucial for competitive business intelligence. Customers are willing to invest in sharing their personal data if they feel trust and encounter the right data dividend.


Mobile is the only growing medium and has become the most personal device. We think that communication efforts should be personalised and focus on the mobile customer experience.

Customer Centricity

The customer is king and if he feels that he is treated as such, he will be generous. Marketeers experience a big gap between the desired customer centric situation and the actual situation.


of marketeers view customer centricity as critical to the success of their business and role at the company


of marketeers say customer centricity is ranked high within their organisation


of marketeers say that their customers would say customer centricity is ranked high within their organisation

Customer 2020: What do customers expect?

Communication: Own terms


Speed: Direct gratification


Personalisation: Personal & Intimate


Future Customer Expectations

Customer expectations in the future are the outcome of movements that have been underway for decades. Changes such as the explosion of digital, the empowered customer, and the acceleration of innovation are shaping customer expectations. The CMR agencyThe CMR Agency


The customer of 2020 will be more informed and in charge of the experience they receive. They will expect companies to know their individual needs and personalise the experience. Immediate resolution will not be fast enough as customers will expect companies to proactively address their current and future needs.

Companies are forced to adapt

Companies must adapt or fail: as customer expectations shift, companies are forced to adapt. Enlightened by what the future has in store, many companies are already laying the foundation for 2020. Others are stuck in a historical view of customer experience management and will fall behind if they don’t react soon.

how to be relevant in 2020

To be relevant in 2020, companies must focus on levering big data to create a single source of truth and making customer intelligence accessible throughout the enterprise. Companies must consider “insight generation as a sales enablement function and emphasize proactive and personalised customer support to effectively grow and retain customers.

new skills will be required and a holistic customer metric will emerge as a leading indicator of growth.

Implications for customer experience professionals: the companies that will win are beginning to prepare now by recognizing the shift that is taking place, aligning the right resources, and focusing on the right metrics. Enlightened companies must view the customer experience as a strategic, C-level initiative, creating an unrelenting focus on the customer throughout the enterprise. To support this strategic initiative, new skills will be required and a holistic customer metric will emerge as a leading indicator of growth.

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